When should we be wearing masks?

I just read this article about a 26 y/o man in Wuhan who was trying to get back into running after being locked up for 2 months. He ran 4 km before he decided to go home (his goal was 6km). Shortly thereafter, he was rushed to the hospital, where they discovered he had a… read more

Walking is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

Yes, WALKING. I’m not talking about incline walking, jogging, power walking (“mall-walking”), or any other variation of walking, other than just plain ‘ol walking. Walking is one of those things that is coded in our DNA as humans for a reason: It’s necessary for survival. It’s as necessary as breathing, eating, and drinking. If we… read more

It’s been a month since I started my Daily Checklist

You know the one, where I write down all the things I want to do on a daily basis, and then check them off as I do them? Helps me get my daily things done…. I’ve really been liking it, and I’m continuing it on another month, at least. Before I made this next month’s… read more

The Best Way to Breathe

Breathing. There’s a good and better way to to it. I’m not talking about the breathing you do for exercise, training, yoga, whatever. I’m talking about everyday, normal, unconscious breathing.   The “good” way to do is just to do it. And that’s just because you get your Oxygen-Carbon Dioxide exchange that you need. If… read more

It’s been a long time….

It’s been a while….I know…I’m sorry! I definitely haven’t been on my A-Game when it comes to the tech side of Strength Therapy. I’m going to be checking in a little more frequently now, as part of my new commitment to the content-sharing part of this whole thing. Don’t worry, it most likely will be… read more

Morning Routine

How do your Mornings Set You Up for your Day? Have you noticed that how you spend your mornings can dictate how you feel for the rest of the day? It’s pretty cool…you can have complete control of your energy levels and even productivity and focus just by having a morning routine! You can choose… read more

Foot Strength

The muscles in your feet need to be used almost (if not just as much or more!) than the ones in your hands! There are many things you can do for your feet, but spending as much time barefoot is probably one of the best things you can do (go slowly if you’re used to… read more

Active vs Passive Range of Motion

Active vs Passive range of motion gives great insight to how much at risk of injury someone is in that range. Active ROM is how far your joint can move on its own (you do it yourself and have full control of, say, your leg in a straight leg raise).  Passive ROM is how far… read more