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Hi! I’m Jackie. Thanks for visiting Strength Therapy and taking interest in making yourself better! I’m here to help you achieve your goals of physical improvement, whether it be getting out of (or just functioning better with) an injury/pre-existing condition, becoming more injury-proof, getting more “nuts and bolts” strong, learning new skills, improving your sports performance, or just general tune ups to keep your engine running smoothly.

A lot of choices, I know. The reason for that is because I believe it all goes together. My view is that physical therapy, sports performance, nutrition, injury prevention, and general overall strength and physical fitness all go hand in hand. What happens when an athlete is out of a knee surgery, finishes their physical therapy, and then goes back into their regular training program? There’s a big gap between what the physical therapist and their coach is having them do. A body that is recovering from injury should have a few more steps between PT and performance training. This gap is also what most people are missing in their normal day-to-day training, as they go from physically uninformed to training for an event or a goal (like a race, a competition, or even just lifting weights/running for leisure). There are better ways than what is conventionally taught with any type of exercise, whether you’re doing it competitively or not.

I’m here to take you through the steps that you’ve missed, and then help you integrate it until you’re satisfied with the level of awesome you reach. Sometimes that’s only a short time, and other times people get addicted with how awesome they can become and choose to go the “regular maintenance and upgrades” path. I’m ok with whatever floats your boat. After all, we’re doing this for you, not me.

Here are some options for you to help yourself get stronger, faster, by yourself:

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