Best Way to get your Vitamin D in Winter and Second Lockdown! Inbox

Winter + Lockdown #2 = More SADness Many of us are in second lockdown AND winter, meaning less daylight! If you’re feeling the blues, there may be a nutritional component to the sadness (“Seasonal Affective Disorder,” aka “SAD”….yup, that’s what it’s actually called!). Your SADness could be caused by a lack of Vitamin D! If… read more

Do You Cycle? (NOT the 2-wheeled kind!)

Are you ever without supplementation? For those of use who are even slightly concerned about our health and well-being, supplementation is typically a part of our normal regimine. I’m talking vitamins, caffeine, brain-boosters, and other supplements that we might be taking. Basically, anything that is not whole food that we’re using to boost our performance… read more

The best piece of advice I can give…

The best piece of advice I can give When I presented at The Embodiment Conference a couple weeks ago, Rafe Kelley asked me a question at the end that caught me off guard: “What is the Number 1 piece of advice you can give for people to be more embodied?” To be honest, I probably should… read more