“Belly Breathing” is Still Poor Breathing

Breathing dysfunctions are appearing on more people’s radars, especially chest-breathers. It seems like all you need to do to get “healthy” breathing is to practice belly breathing. In fact, many fitness and health professionals are even telling their clients to breathe with their bellies. The truth is, if you only breathe with your belly, you’re… read more

Pillow Talk

How do you sleep? Do you get enough? Is the sleep you get good? Do you have to take sleep aids? Do you feel refreshed in the morning? Does your body feel good when you wake up? These are all questions you should ask yourself in regards to your sleeping arrangements. There’s debate on how… read more

Do You Really Need to Warm Up?

I haven’t warmed up or foam rolled in over 2 years, and yet I feel fantastic physically. I move well, I lift heavy, and I enjoy my workouts/playtime more because I don’t have to spend extra time doing things that aren’t conducive to my workout goals. In fact, my movement quality has increased dramatically in… read more

Move With A Purpose

There are many reasons for movement: – Cardiovascular health – Therapeutic (emotional/mental/physical) – Strength – Skill – Energy management – Mood elevation – Creating an energy deficiency (ie, fat/weight loss) – Transportation – Survival – Fun – Etc… If you move without purposeful intention, you will be less successful with your goal. Example: If you… read more

Meditation for People Who Can’t Sit Still

Recently, I’ve been asked many times if I meditate by various people, and what my opinions of meditation are. For the people who know me, they know I can’t sit still for more than a couple minutes at a time, mostly because if I do, my stegaback tells me it’s not happy. It likes good… read more

Why You Shouldn’t Hang If Your Back is Tight

Let me rephrase: If you’re only trying to decompress your back, there are much better options than hanging, and here’s why: Hanging itself is a great exercise, if done right and for the appropriate reasons. It’s great for grip strength, and you can work on various things like shoulder mobility, posture, pelvis stability, and a… read more

Stretch Armstrong: Active vs. Passive Flexibility

Are you flexible? Maybe you can do the full splits, forwards AND backwards, ooooh! Impressive. Here’s a question: Can you stand and raise your leg past hip height? No? Well then, my friend, you are a great example of why passive flexibility doesn’t mean much in real life functionality. Passive flexibility is what most people… read more

Rest: How much, when, and what type?

Rest. It’s a term many serious athletes come to hate. Training gets addicting for many athletes, but too much training will take a toll on even the most healthiest of bodies. Everyone needs rest, no matter the level of the athlete. Rest is crucial for recovery, as exercise/training actually damages the body (in both good… read more

Cutting Weight for Competitions

Without fail, every time a martial arts tournament is around the corner, at least a few people ask me what the best way to cut weight or what to day pre/day of competition. I always give the same answer: “You’re too late.” Waiting until the last 2 weeks to figure out how to cut several… read more

Shoes that fit aren’t just for Cinderella stories

I love using things until they die. Sometimes I use them even after they’ve lost all ability for their original purpose, like using old bath towels for bath/kitchen mats. I do enjoy scouring the second-hand Facebook page to see if I can snag any items I need at a primo price, as well as appreciate… read more