Breathing Optimization Program

We Have The Solution For Better Breathing.

Out with the old, in with the new. This is the idea of most breathing exercises targeted at helping people improve their breathing functionality and lung capacity. Have you tried something like this, but not had any success? Our Breathing Optimization Program may be just the thing you need.

The Strength Therapy Breathing Optimization Program simplifies breathing exercises to help you take control of your breath and expedite the benefits of improved breathing techniques. With our simple, easy-to-follow videos you will learn how to identify your breathing style, and then based on your current habits, you will be able to learn specific ways to help improve your individual breathing habits.

Everyday breathing is what really matters in the grand scheme of things. 

Who Benefits From Breathing Exercises?

Breathing exercises and proper breathing techniques can help to make lungs more efficient, improve heart function, strengthen muscles, and improve overall health. Because the benefits of proper breathing practices are so comprehensive, breathing exercises can be a great solution for virtually anyone who wants to improve their well being. Particularly, breathing exercises have earned a reputation for being effective ways of treating the following conditions:  

    • Mental fatigue
    • Neck stiffness/pain
    • Shoulder pain
    • Hip pain
    • Back pain
    • Joint pain
    • Stress/anxiety
    • Indigestion
    • Shortness of breath
    • Dizziness
    • Caffeine dependency
    • Lackluster skin or skin issues
    • Poor circulation
  • Much more

How Does The Breathing Optimization Program Work?

Are you a chest-breather? Belly-breather? Not sure? Our program will not only help you answer these questions, but more importantly, we will also help you leverage this information to improve your individual breathing.

Our Breathing Optimization Program provides you with shortcuts and neurological tricks that will expedite your ability to improve your breathing almost immediately, whether you are looking for breathing exercises for anxiety or breathing techniques to help improve your overall wellness.  All of our videos are short, easy-to-follow, and designed to give you the tools you need to improve your health. Over the course of our program, you can expect to learn about belly breathing, chest breathing, rib cage breathing, the integrated 360-degree breathing, and much more!

We’re confident that there is no other program like this is available on the web. In fact, if you find one, and it’s better than ours and lower-priced, we’ll refund your money, 100 percent.

Why Do These Breathing Exercises Help?

Over time, our lung function decreases. Stale air builds up, leaving less room for our diaphragms to contract and pump in fresh oxygen. When this happens, our lungs are not able to work at full capacity, meaning our bodies start to rely on other muscles — neck, back, and chest — to support breathing. This leads to lower oxygen levels, a decreased reserve for activities, and potential pains and aches in the body.  

Practicing good breathing techniques can help to rid your lungs of this stale air and help your diaphragm perform at its best, helping you feel your best. Even if you are not a smoker, or suffering from a condition, like COPD, that speeds up the reduction in lung capacity and functioning, breathing exercises can be extremely beneficial.

Affordable Breathing Program

Although you can’t put a price on health and wellness independence, we think the impact of being able to professionally improve your health and wellness via breathing is often something that practitioners charge thousands for. Strength Therapy, however, wants everyone to be able to experience the benefits of improved breathing. This is why we have priced our Breathing Optimization Program at a very reasonable $67.

Ready to be more active with less shortness of breath? Ready to learn the breathing techniques that can help you achieve your optimal well being? Take control today and check out our Breathing Optimization Program.

I Want To Start Breathing Better Now!

The results were so great that I decided to figure out how to help clients who couldn’t get to a therapist, so I developed The ScoliMethod, so they could be proactive about their own health.

This means that people are FIXING THEIR OWN SCOLIOSIS without seeing a therapist! And best of all, they are GETTING BETTER and FASTER RESULTS than the other scoliosis treatment methods available!!

The ScoliMethod program includes:

  • How to assess your scoliosis
  • How to find out what the root cause of your scoliosis
  • How to address the root cause and the symptoms of your scoliosis
  • How to straighten your spine and restore the proper curves in your spine
  • How to maintain and build strength in your new spinal positioning
  • What other issues that are a result of your scoliosis, and what to do about them

Instead of the FEW THOUSANDS of dollars spent and MONTHS-YEARS of PAINFUL treatments with partial results, The ScoliMethod is WORTH at least TEN TIMES that ($40,000+) is only $2599.

People following this program have had SO MUCH SUCCESS that I am offering a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE for anyone who does not see changes within the FIRST 2 WEEKS of following the program! (visual proof needed)

In fact, try it out for a MONTH, and if you don’t see any improvements in that month, just contact me and I’ll happily give you your money back, as well as suggestions as to what your special situation may be.


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  • PLUS Access to the ScoliMethod Facebook support group
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