When should we be wearing masks?

I just read this article about a 26 y/o man in Wuhan who was trying to get back into running after being locked up for 2 months. He ran 4 km before he decided to go home (his goal was 6km). Shortly thereafter, he was rushed to the hospital, where they discovered he had a… read more

Walking is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

Yes, WALKING. I’m not talking about incline walking, jogging, power walking (“mall-walking”), or any other variation of walking, other than just plain ‘ol walking. Walking is one of those things that is coded in our DNA as humans for a reason: It’s necessary for survival. It’s as necessary as breathing, eating, and drinking. If we… read more

It’s been a month since I started my Daily Checklist

You know the one, where I write down all the things I want to do on a daily basis, and then check them off as I do them? Helps me get my daily things done…. I’ve really been liking it, and I’m continuing it on another month, at least. Before I made this next month’s… read more