You know the one, where I write down all the things I want to do on a daily basis, and then check them off as I do them? Helps me get my daily things done….

I’ve really been liking it, and I’m continuing it on another month, at least.

Before I made this next month’s list (and yes, by hand because it sinks in more), I reviewed and reflected on my strengths and weaknesses in the past month’s checklist. I didn’t do all of them every day, and in fact, most days, I was only a couple items short of a completed list.

Here’s the thing: I never allowed myself to feel guilty for not “getting 100%” on a day. I didn’t let it become a competition. Because with competition, there is ego. I’ve been working on getting my ego out of my daily life as much as possible (I don’t even write it on my checklist because I don’t want to even give energy to the ego by mentioning it every day!). Instead, I have things that help me accomplish that goal, like “gratitude practice” and “meditation,” which have helped a lot with that.

Now, next item, I decided to keep everything I had on last month’s list, apply it to this month, and then I also added a couple other things that I wanted to incorporate. Even though there were many things that I was able to do either every day or most days (“easy wins”), I wanted to keep them on there as encouragement that I’m still doing SOMETHING good for myself on the days where I might have missed several items. It’s to help me keep things in perspective, and not just focus on where I lacked.

Now that I have a better idea of where I could improve, I can put my energy towards those items, and continue my practice of daily wins and self-improvement!

What are some things on YOUR Daily Checklist?

Best in Health and Happiness,


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