Integrated KinesioTaping Concepts


Integrated KinesioTaping Concepts Workshop


A 1-day, hands-on course covering various concepts of kinesio taping applications. We will cover basic and advanced applications of kinesio taping, and how to combine methods. We will also be exploring the differences in types of kinesiotapes and which one(s) are preferred for various applications.


Course Information

Time: 9am-5pm

Supplies provided: Different types of KTape, scissors

Suggested for students to bring: lotion you’re not sensitive to

Course Outline:

Intro: Who am I, my experience with KTape and why I don’t stick with “just one” application
What is KTape?
Construction/“Anatomy” of KTape differences and effects.
Importance of colors
Explore suitability of specific brands with specific applications
Prepping the skin
How long to keep it on/when to take off/best ways to take off
Stretch the tape or stretch the body?
The importance of direction (stretch, pull, tape, body, tissue)
Basics of cutting and applying the tape

Application 1: Support bracing When to use for support bracing, how to figure out any area

Application 2: Lymph/Bruising/Circulation

Application 3: Muscle Activation method

Application 4: Muscle Release method How to figure out whether to use it for App 1 or App 2 via movement

Application 5: Fascial release

Case Studies

Optional Examples:
How to use with cupping
How to use with pregnancy
How to use with global patterns
How to pair with some scoliosis cases
How to use with tattoos/scarring
How to use with bunions


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