The ScoliMethod Course

The ScoliMethod Course

Tired of NOT getting RESULTS with your SCOLIOSIS patients??

***A NEW, EFFECTIVE approach to treating SCOLIOSIS is finally here!!***

Find out IMMEDIATELY if your treatment is working for your patient! Learn how to assess and treat ALL TYPES of scoliosis and be able to offer (and effectively communicate) the most COMPLETE results available!

The ScoliMethod is way of not only addressing the structural symptoms of scoliosis, but also the physiological, emotional, and lifestyle aspects. It is a special method to IMMEDIATELY see changes and know whether your treatment will stick, and HOW to make it stick!

This method has been adapted from my personal method of treating scoliosis so that ANY THERAPIST, manual or non-manual, is able to perform the treatment! It includes a SIMPLE, NOT COMPLICATED home care program for the patients as well that they will be easily able to perform. No more complex library of countless difficult exercises for patients to muddle through!!

This GENTLE approach has been the MOST EFFECTIVE, QUICKEST, and MOST COMPLETE to achieve results that is currently taught publicly, and was made into a class because of HIGH DEMAND. Classes are kept small and intimate to ensure quality, so spots are VERY LIMITED.

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