An Important KEY to Mental Health…

I lost my phone, and it was fine. Really, it was TOTALLY fine! I was at an outdoor circus meetup with well-over 100 (maybe even 200+) people present by the time I realized that I didn’t have my phone. Half the people were there to participate, and half were there to spectate. It was dark, there… read more

Why Eating CELERY with your Greens Drink is GOOD FOR YOU

Eating celery with your green drink will help your digestion Do you have a daily greens drink every day? If you don’t, I actually recommend that you do, since most of the foods we eat aren’t as nutrient/micro nutrient dense as they once were, and we really need to have more of those things than… read more

Best Way to get your Vitamin D in Winter and Second Lockdown! Inbox

Winter + Lockdown #2 = More SADness Many of us are in second lockdown AND winter, meaning less daylight! If you’re feeling the blues, there may be a nutritional component to the sadness (“Seasonal Affective Disorder,” aka “SAD”….yup, that’s what it’s actually called!). Your SADness could be caused by a lack of Vitamin D! If… read more

Do You Cycle? (NOT the 2-wheeled kind!)

Are you ever without supplementation? For those of use who are even slightly concerned about our health and well-being, supplementation is typically a part of our normal regimine. I’m talking vitamins, caffeine, brain-boosters, and other supplements that we might be taking. Basically, anything that is not whole food that we’re using to boost our performance… read more

The best piece of advice I can give…

The best piece of advice I can give When I presented at The Embodiment Conference a couple weeks ago, Rafe Kelley asked me a question at the end that caught me off guard: “What is the Number 1 piece of advice you can give for people to be more embodied?” To be honest, I probably should… read more

Air Pollution is No Joke.

And the entire West Coast of the USA is on fire right now. I’ve made posts on social media before about what to do during times of air pollution (especially during the tear gas times in Hong Kong), but I wanted to get into a little more detail about this stuff and have it as… read more

Routine vs. Habit, and How to Utilize them Effectively

Habits vs. Routines These are both things that you do most days, if not every day. They’re not the same, and knowing the difference can allow you to use them to more effectively help you. Let’s start by defining these terms: Habit: noun a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to… read more

When should we be wearing masks?

I just read this article about a 26 y/o man in Wuhan who was trying to get back into running after being locked up for 2 months. He ran 4 km before he decided to go home (his goal was 6km). Shortly thereafter, he was rushed to the hospital, where they discovered he had a… read more

Walking is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

Yes, WALKING. I’m not talking about incline walking, jogging, power walking (“mall-walking”), or any other variation of walking, other than just plain ‘ol walking. Walking is one of those things that is coded in our DNA as humans for a reason: It’s necessary for survival. It’s as necessary as breathing, eating, and drinking. If we… read more