It’s been a while….I know…I’m sorry!

I definitely haven’t been on my A-Game when it comes to the tech side of Strength Therapy. I’m going to be checking in a little more frequently now, as part of my new commitment to the content-sharing part of this whole thing. Don’t worry, it most likely will be about once every week or two, nothing too crazy.

The reason why I’ve been slacking on the tech game is because I started having an aversion to screentime. It started out with intimidation (no idea what I was doing with online stuff), then to stress with the intimidation and attempting to learn it all, and then I found out that it was playing a big factor in why my vision wasn’t getting any better (one HUGE reason why I hired an assistant for the admin tasks).

Yep, my vision isn’t at the top of its game, either. And I haven’t found out the root cause yet.

Let me tell you what happened…back in 2011, my eyes were at a -8.5 and -8.0 with a bit of astigmatism, and I was tired of fussing with glasses and contacts. I decided to get PRK, which is like LASIK, but better for people in contact sports. I went to one of the most popular LASIK/PRK specialists in San Diego to get it done. At first, I was really happy with the results. I could see without my glasses or contacts! I felt so free!

But just a year later, I started to notice that my vision was getting blurry again. This was aside from the decrease in night vision (which was also getting worse) and the glare issue.

I ignored it and didn’t want to tell anyone because I was proud (read: ego) that my eyes were “perfect.”

Big mistake.

This also meant that I didn’t take any proactive steps towards addressing it.

Finally in 2015, my vision was so bad that I had to squint if I wanted to see anything clearly at all. I finally started asking around for help. I got vision and ocular screenings, all which came back with me having 20/20 vision and perfect eye health, even though I couldn’t see anything. It was puzzling. I got diagnosed for dry eyes, which “treatment” also didn’t help at all. I tried to find various global links, physiological links, and even energetic links. I’ve tried a ton of vision exercises, special glasses, wavelength blocking, lymph, temperature, meditation, humidity, scars, magnets, neuro/sensory, altitude/pressure…you name it, I tried it.

The bad news is my vision is still blurry. The good news is that I’ve continued to experience changes in the quality of vision…it’ll get better and worse again. What that means is that there’s still hope. It means I’m not getting any glasses or surgeries for it, because it’s still a motor control/sensory/nervous system issue. What’s even better is that during this journey I’ve been learning so much more about how the human body works, and I’m really excited to share with you various things I’ve learned!

For example, if you haven’t checked out the Gut Restoration Program for Leaky Gut and Candida yet, I’d highly recommend that you do. It’s something that I came up with back in 2009 while healing my own gut, and then tested on many people since then, and had it verified by several specialists as something really effective, simple, achievable, realistic, and lifestyle-encompassing. It comes with a PDF to follow, some short videos, recipes to get you started, and an email series to help you customize your program to your individual needs.

You’ll learn what Candida and Leaky Gut are, why it’s important to address it, what they can cause (symptoms), the basic program, backup plans (for when you want to deviate off the program), how to test yourself for food intolerances, how to reintroduce food, factors in your daily life that can influence your gut health, and more!

There’s also the Breathing Program, which has some really cool neurological hacks to help you access your breathing muscles effortlessly so you can breathe easy, easily!

Anyway, aside from all that, I wanted to say “Hi” to everyone, check in, and let you know that you’ll be hearing from me here and there from now on.

We’re revamping the website now, so I’ll announce it when it’s ready to go. For now, you’ll just have to bear with the junky site that is up right now!

We’re also working on a couple new projects that we’re hoping to have up around the same time the new website is up, so be on the lookout for those!

If you have any special requests, please let us know! We’ll do our best to either have them as a short video, or a full-on program for you to follow!

Until then, you can check out our programs to help yourself, or you can check out one of our upcoming courses to learn more about helping others! (By the way, our courses usually have some self-treat component to them, so there are always options for manual and non-manual, and self-help!)

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