🔥 How much do you chew your food?? 🔥

One PRIME way to increase WEIGHT LOSS and DIGESTION health is to CHEW MORE!!

We often forget that chewing (“mastication”) is part of the digestive system. 

The less you chew, the more your stomach has to work to break down the solid food into mush, causing digestive stress. 

🔥 TRY IT 🔥

Chew your food until it turns to mush. Typically, it should be around 25-35 chews. Harder food needs more, softer food needs less.

Do this every time you eat for a week and see how you feel. 


Foods with harder/crunchier textures increases brain neurogenesis (aka “ability to learn”). 

The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is one of the spots in the body that allows for the most information input. Using it in the angles it’s meant for (like chewing, yawning, speech/singing) will increase your brain activity automatically. 

Give it varied input by the types of textures of foods you eat, and the vibrations you allow to pass through while you use your jaw (like singing or using voice inflections when you speak) to exercise your brain and increase your brain/body/environment connection!



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