Want a better night’s sleep?

Having trouble falling asleep?

Having weird or unpleasant dreams at night?

Waking up in a bad mood?

Try putting something positive in your brain before you go to bed! 

When you sleep, your brain is still very active in recovering, processing, and building connections. Types of thoughts are very important as far as how your brain works. The brain is very plastic (moldable). Positive thoughts will have a positive impact on the brain. Negative thought will have a negative impact on the brain.

Therefore, it totally makes sense to put as many positive thoughts as you can in your brain, especially before you go to bed. 

~8 hours of unconscious and subconscious thought being processed, programmed, and stored in that noggin! 

Try these before going to bed:

~ Read a happy book (kid’s books are great for this)

~ Draw a fun picture

~ Remind yourself of things you are grateful for

~ Review your victories from the day

~ Exchange a 6-second hug accompanied by a smile with someone you like/love

~ Play with a dog

~ Play some happy music

One thing’s for sure, when they said “never go to bed angry,” they were speaking the truth.

Let’s rephrase that to “Always go to bed smiling”


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