Can you forget what various SENSATIONS and EMOTIONS feel like??

Incredibly, the answer is YES.

When things in life become so overwhelming, everything can seem stressful.

You can start interpreting everything as stressful.

Every physiological change in your body.

Every emotion.

Every sensation.

Digestion, muscles being used, happiness, heartbeat changes, hunger, sunlight…

You can lose sense of what those things are supposed to mean.

Anything different from “calm and peaceful” gets interpreted as “pain and suffering.”



What do you do in this case??

You take control of your life.

You remember who you REALLY are, deep down inside.

Then you fight for it. You fight for YOU.

Reclaim that brain real estate with positive and empowering thoughts. Crowd out the negative.

Move around in nature. Go for a walk. Roll in the grass. Remind yourself that the sensation of you walking is that of your muscles working, your fluids flowing, and the inflammation in your body decreasing. It’s not pain.

Get some house plants. Get LOTS of house plants.

Open the curtains and invite the sunshine in. Remind yourself that the feeling that you’re getting when the light reaches your eyes is just your eyes adjusting to the new light. It’s not pain.

When you eat your foods, take a moment to appreciate the food, the tastes and textures of the food, and what great things it’s going to do for your body. It’s not pain.

After eating, notice how your digestive system does such a great job of processing your food so you can utilize the nutrients and excrete the waste. It’s not pain.

Look at a picture of a loved one, and remember that the feeling you’re getting is that of happiness and love and care. It’s not pain.

Crying is an emotional release. It can be happy or sad tears. Notice which ones they are. Know that crying is 100% ok. Everyone does it. EVERYONE.

I know this post seems a little out of reach for many people…it’s a bit out there, somewhat unbelievable or unrealistic.

The truth is…

I recently spent a lengthy amount of time on the phone with someone, reminding her and guiding her back to being in control of herself.

She interpreted EVERY change in her body as “pain” or “anxiety” and “stress.”

She forgot what digestion felt like. She thought it was stomach pain.

She forgot what muscles being used felt like. She thought it was muscle and joint pain.

She forgot what eating felt like. She thought it was jaw pain.

She forgot what sunlight felt like. She thought it was eye pain.

She forgot what happiness felt like. She thought it was stress and anxiety.

You have COMPLETE control over your mind and your body.

We all get lost sometimes in our lives, and that’s ok. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to remind us who we are.

Then it’s up to us to fight for ourselves. To BE ourselves. To crowd out the negative with positive.

“Think Happy Thoughts” goes further than you think.

Mind control is real.

The trick is…YOU have the control.

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