Do you ever get HANGRY??



Even though this is now a common and sometimes jokingly-used term, “HANGER” is NOT a NORMAL physiological response we should be having!!

Hunger is normal. 

Anger is normal. 

But when you combine a difficult to control negative emotion with hunger, it means your hormones are probably out of balance, and you probably have LEAKY GUT.

(It’s also not nice to bring the wrath upon anyone unfortunately near you at that time!)

If you are one to get hangry, try these tips to get your hanger under control:

~ Heal your Leaky Gut. If your gut isn’t functioning properly, it will throw everything out of whack. Immune system, Endocrine system, Cardiovascular system, Digestive System, Lymphatic system….the whole shebang. 

~ Cut your carbs (not cut them OUT, but just make them much, much less). Insulin levels need to be balanced. Leptin and Ghrelin (the hormones that govern “full” and “hungry” feelings) need to be balanced. This happens by eating more of a ketogenic diet, with higher fat and protein. 

~ Eat high quality foods (organic, pastured, non-processed, etc). The processed, not well sourced foods will have all sorts of junk added to it, which will throw your body off.

~ Cut out snacking. Period. The more you snack, the more your body expects food often. 

~ Skip a meal every once in a while. Not necessarily intermittent fasting (although if you can make it to 36 hours, that’s when some really cool stuff starts to happen physiologically in your body!), but just practicing skipping a meal and not eating on a routine schedule allows your brain to not expect to be fed at certain times and times of day.

~ Be ok with being hungry. Realize that hunger is just a feeling, and there’s no reason to have to immediately satisfy that “need.” Just like if you were tired, it doesn’t mean that you have to go to sleep immediately, especially if it’s interrupting your life. 

~ Drink some salted water. Yea, this one sounds a bit weird, but having some good quality salt in your water will help quench your thirst, hydrate you, AND help the hangry. No, we’re not talking about sea-water salty…just enough so that you can taste a little bit of salt in your water. Good quality sea salt or Himalayan works well. 

Give these a go for a few weeks, and then see how you feel when you’re hungry…

Your friends and family will thank you 😉

If you want to heal your LEAKY GUT, check out the Leaky Gut and Candida Gut Health Program! 😎

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