There are many reasons for movement:

– Cardiovascular health
– Therapeutic (emotional/mental/physical)
– Strength
– Skill
– Energy management
– Mood elevation
– Creating an energy deficiency (ie, fat/weight loss)
– Transportation
– Survival
– Fun
– Etc…

If you move without purposeful intention, you will be less successful with your goal.

Example: If you want to increase active range of motion in your shoulder, but just swing it around as you would for fun, it will take you longer to increase your active range of motion than if you were to perform AROM-increasing-specific movements.

The “Wacky Wild Inflatable Tube Man” Workout Program won’t get you very far in your shoulder rehab, sorry.
…But it’d be a great way to entertain!

Or, if you want to move for transportation, get from Point A to Point B quickly, but all you do is running high knees (like you would for cardiovascular health), it won’t be very conducive to getting to Point B quickly.

Running in place definitely won’t get you to the grocery store very quickly,
but you might end up driving there because you’re so hungry from using all that energy!!

Of course, there are some purposes that can overlap/be paired if done properly. Let’s say you wanted to get from Point A to Point B quickly, you could sprint. Sprinting would qualify as efficient transportation as well as increasing cardiovascular ability and explosive power. You could also focus on sprint techniques/mechanics while you’re sprinting to get to Point B, and use transportation as a secondary purpose that comes as a result from a primary purpose of improving a skill.

You can work on your sprint techniques while being chased by a hungry mountain lion.
Bam. Multitasking.

Combining purposes of movement can be pretty fun, as long as you put some educated thought behind it to make them successful.

Find your purpose, and then structure how you move around that purpose.

What’s your purpose for movement?

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