TheraPLAY: Neuro Movement PLAY Therapy, Taipei, June 5-6, 2021



TheraPLAY: Neuro Movement PLAY Therapy 2-day workshop

What is this: This will be a 2-day workshop with the purpose of educating and helping therapists understand how to incorporate movement into their therapeutic sessions.

Who should attend:

Physical Therapist/ physiotherapist, Manual/Massage Therapists, Stretch Therapists, Rehab Trainers, Athletic Trainers, Movement Coaches and anyone interested in getting better therapy / rehab results through the introduction of movement.

We will cover topics like:

~ Specific types of movements, variations, details, and how to integrate them into the session.

~ Which movements to get you the best “bang for your buck” and how to create movements that are specific for your client.

~ The psychology of assigning movement as “homework” or self care program, and how to maximize client compliancy.

~ How to ensure your client does the movements correctly

~ How to identify the “sweet spot” for amount of time, frequency, and intensity for their self care program, and how to identify if they’ve done too much.

~ How to adjust an exercise so your client can feel what they’re supposed to feel when doing the movements

~ Hands-on practice with each other, and learn how to practice effective coaching, so you can “test run” new exercises on your own outside of the classroom.

~ When “just move more of you more often” is really the answer.

~ Working/increasing ROM of an injured joint

~ Practical games that involve assessment and treatment/training without needing to stop the movement

~ Working with the nervous system, lymphatic system, acute injuries, and chronic injuries through movement and games

~ How to make “treatment” and “assessments” more fun and OFF the table and ON the training floor using minimal/no equipment

Time: 8:30 am-6:00 pm


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