TheraPLAY: Neuro Movement PLAY Therapy Online



TheraPLAY: Neuro Movement PLAY Therapy, Online only

What is this: This is an online workshop with the purpose of educating and helping therapists understand how to incorporate movement and PLAY into their therapeutic sessions. This is the basis for the in-person 2-day workshops, and can be expanded upon (every in-person course is taught differently because of the students!)

Who should take this course:

Physical Therapist/ physiotherapist, Manual/Massage Therapists, Stretch Therapists, Rehab Trainers, Athletic Trainers, Movement Coaches and anyone interested in getting better therapy / rehab results through the introduction of movement.

We will cover topics like:

~ Specific types of movements, variations, details, and how to integrate them into the session.

~ Which movements to get you the best “bang for your buck” and how to create movements that are specific for your client.

~ The psychology of assigning movement as “homework” or self care program, and how to maximize client compliancy.

~ How to ensure your client does the movements correctly

~ How to identify the “sweet spot” for amount of time, frequency, and intensity for their self care program, and how to identify if they’ve done too much.

~ How to adjust an exercise so your client can feel what they’re supposed to feel when doing the movements

~ Hands-on practice with each other, and learn how to practice effective coaching, so you can “test run” new exercises on your own outside of the classroom.

~ When “just move more of you more often” is really the answer.

~ Working/increasing ROM of an injured joint

~ Practical games that involve assessment and treatment/training without needing to stop the movement

~ Working with the nervous system, lymphatic system, acute injuries, and chronic injuries through movement and games

~ How to make “treatment” and “assessments” more fun and OFF the table and ON the training floor using minimal/no equipment



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