ScoliMethod ONLINE + LIVE Course


“Video First, Live Course Later” Option

*If you would like to purchase the videos first and sit in the live course at a future date, choose the “Video First, Live Course Later” option. This will allow you to access the materials via videos first (including the course slides), and saves you a seat at one future in-person course up to 2 years from date of purchase. Just email us at when you know which in-person dates you wish to attend. Must reserve minimum 60 days prior to the dates so we can prepare for you!

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1. Introduction

2. Theory- What is scoliosis

3. Assessment/ Histroy Taking/ Psyschology

4. ScoliMethod Protocol

5. How to Take Photos

6.Neural Limit Testing/ How to Bring Them Back

7. Rotation/ Weight Shift Habits

8. Vagus Nerve Polarity


10.Jaw: R/L Brain Correction, Jaw Rebalancing

11.Exercise: Movement Bank

12. ScoliVision: Manual

13. Breathing

14. Fascia Release/ Belly and Tailbone Release

15. Self Release

16. Emotion

17. Leaky Gut/ Food/Product Sensitivity Testing

18. Adrenal

19. Lymph


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