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This program includes 11 Email Support series, instructional PDFs, videos, recipes to get started, troubleshooting & customization


“I couldn’t believe the difference it made in such a short time! It worked so well”    ~Jerry C.


A customizable program to address Candida and Leaky Gut to help with aches and pains and weight loss in the matter of a few months.

Feel better in days

Average time for full healing is 2-3 months

Minimal supplements required

Easy diet

Desserts and alcohol are allowed!

Flexible for your lifestyle


Strength Therapy’s Gut Health Program is tailored to your lifestyle. There are no restrictions with this program — only recommendations and best practices. Ultimately, you know your body better than anyone else. Our program gives you the tools to discover what will work for you, improve your health, and become the best version of you.


“My digestion is normal, my energy is up, and my back pain is gone! All of the discomfort went away! It’s amazing the difference it has made in my life!”    ~Sangwook H.


Foods, once cut, can be reintegrated back into your diet after other possible underlying issues causing leaky gut and candida overgrowth are determined. We’ll introduce you to all the foods with the most benefits for Gut Health, and teach you the best ingredients to look for in foods. Our program will educate you, so you can make the right choices when fighting leaky gut and candida.


“I started noticing changes in how I felt after only a few days and I’ve been noticing more and more changes as I continue with the program. Now, my digestion is on point, my immune system is much stronger, and my skin has cleared up and is now soft! I’ve even lost fat gained muscle and a lot of strength, without changing anything in my exercise routine!    ~ C. Lo


Try our program and begin feeling better today!

  • The best, most innovative program for your body
  • Tips for life integrated throughout for holistic healing
  • Easily develop long-term healing and healthy relationship with food and body

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Leaky gut, also known as increased intestinal permeability, is just what it sounds like: a digestive condition where bacteria and toxins are able to “leak” through the intestinal wall. A healthy digestive system takes in the food we eat, processes it for nutrition, and passes the unusable substances along to the excretory system. This is the main function of the digestive system. However, the digestive system also helps protect your body from harmful substances you may ingest, such as harmful bacteria in our food.
The intestine walls act as barriers, discriminating what enters the bloodstream and what doesn’t, which then gets transported to your organs. In the intestinal wall are small gaps called tight junctions that allow these nutrients along with water to pass through, keeping the bad guys at bay. Sometimes these junctions become loose, allowing the harmful substances to leak from the intestines into the bloodstream. When these substances from your intestines leak into the bloodstream, our bodies are affected.
Inflammation, bloating, food sensitivities, fatigue, digestive issues, skin problems, and other conditions can occur. Since the blood travels all over the body, most other body systems are affected in some way. Mood swings, migraines, thyroid abnormalities, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia can be caused in part by a leaky gut.


The most likely causes of Leaky Gut are:

Too much sugar

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Too much alcohol

Not enough nutrients



Imbalance in bacteria in the gut

Yeast overgrowth in the gut


All of these can cause the intestinal walls to weaken and allow substances to move more freely between the intestines and the bloodstream


Candida is the fungus that naturally occurs on your body and in your intestines in some areas and in small amounts. Candida can overgrow and cause infections if an external factor acts upon it, such as certain antibiotics, other medications such as contraceptives, and stress. Candida can cause thrush, vaginal infections, digestive issues, and other conditions. It’s the most common fungal infection in humans.

Like leaky gut, candida can be treated by controlling food intake. Too many refined sugars, carbs, and dairy products can promote an unhealthy environment for candida to overgrow. In essence, it all comes down to eating right and avoiding junk food. You’ll feel better, your energy level will jump, and you will most likely lose weight, especially pesky belly fat.


We have the SECRET to ACCELERATING the healing!

Something that no other program has!!


“This worked so much faster than what the doctor gave me! And it was SO EASY!”
~Christine P.

Leaky gut can be treated easily and quickly with Strength Therapy’s Gut Health Program. Because we realize that you are unique and have your unique lifestyle, we’ve created a program that can be custom-tailored to you. The program includes videos and an 11-part email series where you will get the full base protocol, and instructions on how to customize for you and your lifestyle, help with troubleshooting, and support with other conditions, such as adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, and the MTHFR gene mutation.

The Gut Health Program is easy-to-follow and very forgiving if you have a cookie here and there. You will learn what you can fit your diet. This program only takes a couple months for your gut health to return as opposed to typical treatment options that take several years of extreme and strict dieting and lifestyle change.


“I could still have dessert if I wanted to, and know I wasn’t sabotaging my progress. I kept my sanity and easily developed a healthy relationship with my food.”    ~Kirsten S.


The Leaky Gut and Candida program will give you the tools to heal your body, and with that, give you your energy back! As you feel better, your stress will reduce, not only improving your gut health, but also your overall health and well-being. Our program is a wealth of knowledge for your use. You will have everything you need to heal from the inside, out.


Act now and get this valuable program for only $97!


7 reviews for Gut Health Program

  1. Jami K.

    In the last few months, the only thing I have changed in my daily routine is that I have been following the Strength Therapy Gut Program protocol every day, even when I travel.

    The program is so easy to follow on a daily basis, and provides options for me for when I have weird or busy schedules at work (sometimes jam-packed from 7am-10pm), or when I am traveling and want to indulge in the local cuisine (I love dessert!).

    I started noticing changes in how I felt after only a few days. And since then, I’ve been noticing more and more changes as I continue with the program. I didn’t realize how much my gut health was affecting my overall health and how I was feeling!


    I decided to try the Strength Therapy Gut Health Program because my constipation was making my life miserable. Everything in my gut felt like it was just stuck and gurgly, wanting to get out, but not being able to. My overall energy was also very low, it was very easy for me to become irritated and tired. I was getting back pain from it. It didn’t matter what I ate or what exercises I did or what medications I took.

    Two months after doing the Strength Therapy Gut Health Program, my constipation is completely gone! My digestion is back to normal, my energy is up, and my back pain is gone! ALL of it! I’m so grateful for being able to get my life back!

    Thank you for allowing me to really feel at my best in such a short amount of time!

  3. Kay Miller

    Love this program! I started feeling better within a week of starting this program… less bloating, less cramps and overall I have much more energy!

  4. Andreina

    I had been dealing with bloating, abdominal pain, trouble sleeping, extreme fatigue, brain fog , burning sensations after eating and acid reflux. It was my norm until my husband suggested I try this program.

    After my first session I felt that I had gained all the tools I needed to get my gut back to health. I was so tired of seeing doctors that would just prescribe meds for each problem without fixing the root of the cause.

    I am medication free now! I feel so liberated and am so thankful for this program!

  5. David

    This is the best program to treat Leaky Gut for anyone who wants REAL change in a short time! The program is so easy to do, and you feel better so fast!

    I was able to feel a difference within a DAY, and it only kept getting better after that! The program also taught me how to figure out what foods I should eat to help the healing go even faster, keep myself on target, and, since I have a lot of business meetings over dinner, I didn’t have to restrict myself with “weird diet requirements” while trying to be professional.

    As a side benefit, I feel like my mental acuity is much better as well. I’m able to focus on projects and am less distracted. My productivity has skyrocketed!

    Thanks so much! This has been the best investment I’ve made in a while.

  6. Dr. Frank E.

    By far the best program I’ve seen for gut healing. I’m using this with my patients, and seeing better and faster results than anything I’ve learned in school.

  7. Kris

    When I decided to try the Strength Therapy Gut Program protocol , I wasn’t sure what to expect. By the third day, I saw some surprising results. The bloat in my midsection had visibly decreased. I actually gained a few pounds during the program, but I was able to fit in jeans a size smaller. My skin looked clearer and by the end of two weeks, I noticed my shoes were loose. My mental clarity seemed to improve as well. I was concerned about the sodium in the water/lemon/pink salt solution, but there seemed to be only benefits. It is now my go-to drink. Now that I have seen the benefits, I’m going to go back and do it again from the beginning, and this time I’ll be even more diligent. It’s WORTH the effort! Thanks, Jackie!

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